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    • 【Compatible Mowers】GY20568 mower blades are compatible with John Dee re JD L120, L130, L2048, L2548, 1948GV, 1948HV, 2148HV 48 inch mower deck lawnmowers.
    • 【Replace Part Number】The lawn mower blade kit replaces John Dee re JD GX20250, GY20568, and other part No. 330-619. Please check with your original part number before ordering.
    • 【Hi-Lift Type】GX20250 hi-lift blades with deeper curves on the ends are made to create enough suction to circulate and expel the clippings. The higher airflow also helps reduce clogging when cutting tall or wet grass.
    • 【Rounded Center Hole】Our cutting blade made of metal is designed with the round shape center mounting hole instead of star-pattern hole. Please check your old blade mounting hole before
    • 【Package Includes】High lift replacement blade x 3. Length: 17″; width: 2-1/2″; thickness: 0.157″; center hole diameter: 11/16″; outside hole diameter: 3/8″; center to center outside hole: 3-11/16″. Please allow a slight difference due to manual measurement.
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    • 【Compatible Mowers】Please check with your original part number, size, shape, 6 point star center hole before ordering, not for all 50″ deck. 742-04053 mower blades are compatible with ① Cub Cad et RZT-50, LT1050, LTX1050 KH, SLT1550; ② for Troy-Bilt Big Red GT50, Mustang RZT 50, RZT 50; ③ for Craftsman PYT9000(13AR91PP099), ZTL7000(17AK2ACP099); ④ for Toro LX500, GT2100, GT2200, SL500, etc. 50 inch deck lawn tractors.
    • 【Replace Part Numbers】Mower blade replaces for ① MTD/Cub Cad et/Troy-bilt 742-04053, 742-04053A, 742-04053B, 742-04053C, 942-04053A, 942-04053, 942-04053B, 942-04053C, 742-04123, 942-04123; ② Cub Cad et 490-110-C123, 490-110-M126, OCC-742-04053; ③ for Toro 112-0316, for Craftsman SPM199562627, 335-859.
    • 【High Lift Type】The high-lift 2-in-1 blade is designed to create a higher-lifting airflow, making it perfect for cutting grass and discharging the clippings out from the deck, or capturing them in the bagger of the mower.
    • 【6 Point Star Center Hole】Our hi-lift blades are made of heavy duty metal, ensuring its durability and long-lasting use, and come with 6 point star center mounting hole. Please check your old blade mounting hole before ordering.
    • 【Package Includes】Lawn mower replacement blade x 3. Length: 17-13/16″; width: 2-5/16″; thickness: 0.157″; center hole diameter: 1″. Please allow a slight difference due to manual measurement.
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  • About this item

    • 【4.10/3.50-4″ Tires】10-inch air replacement tires are perfect for various hand trucks, garden wagons, dollies, generators, snow blowers, air compressors, pressure washers, hose reel carts, garden trailers, wheelbarrows, wood chippers, lawn mowers, and more. Please check the axel diameter and length before you order.
    • 【High-Quality Material】Constructed of 100% natural rubber and sturdy steel. Inflatable wheels have rubber inner tires that are filled with air to cushion loads against shock and vibration, providing a quieter, more cushioned ride than semi-pneumatic and flat-free wheels.
    • 【Excellent Design】① Pneumatic tires have a raised grip and serrated tread, ensuring that they will maintain high traction even on challenging terrains. ② The dual-sealed ball bearings provide flexible rotations and load balancing, enabling you to push less and easier. ③ The double rim tube type design with the four bolt holes makes for optimum performance and sturdiness.
    • 【Specification】Air-filled tire diameter: 10″, tire wide: 3″, rim diameter: 4.9″, hub length: 2.2″, offset hub: 1-3/4″, axle bore diameter: 5/8″, load capacity: 300lbs (136kg).
    • 【Package Includes】 Rubber tire x 2 (including rims, inner tubes, double sealed bearings), washer x 4, cotter pin x 2. The pneumatic tires wheels come fully assembled.
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    • 【Application】The mulching mower blade kit is ideal for cutting tall grass, creating a vertical angle that maximizes airflow through the blade and provides vertical suction. Please check the size of your original blade before purchasing and make sure it is 21-1/2″ long, not 21-3/8″. Because the blade length of the equipment varies in different years.
    • 【Compatible】The tractor blades are compatible with John Dee re ①102, 105, 115, 125, ②D100, D105, D110, D120, ③LA100, LA105, LA110, LA115, ④X105, X106, X110, X120, ⑤E100, E110, E120, E130, etc lawnmowers.
    • 【Replace OEM Part Numbers】GX22151, GY20850, AM137328, AM141033, AM137333, AM141031, UC21583. Please check the original part number and make sure this part fit your model before purchase.
    • 【Durable】The deck blades with 7-point star center holes are made of heavy-duty metal. Please make sure the spindles on your mower are 7-point star blade mounts.
    • 【Package Includes】Two pack lawn tractor blades with 21-1/2″ in length, 2-3/4″ in width, and 1/6″ in thickness.
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  • About this item

    • 【Perfect Upgrade】Different from other brands of wheels, our solid tires integrate with their rims which keep tires from sliding off them. Also, rubber wheels’ spokes protrude to prevent the bottom of the tire from sagging, effectively avoiding flat spots on the tires.
    • 【4.10/3.50-4″ Solid Wheels】4.10/3.50-4 tires compatible with cart, wagon, hand truck, dolly, snowblower, trolley, wheel barrow, generator, pressure washer, garden utility carts, wagons, and so on. Please check the part number engraved on your cart wheels before you order.
    • 【Flat-Free Tire Advantages】No flat tires prevent flat spots from getting punctured or deflated. Tubeless wheels keep you away from the trouble of inflating tires frequently. Airless tyres feature 350 lbs load capacity.
    • 【High-Quality Solid Tires】Made of high-quality polyurethane tires and iron hub. Our flat free foam tires are wear-resistant, shock-absorbent, impact resistant, nonskid, lightweight, and flexible.
    • 【Package Included】2 pack 4.10/3.50-4 flat free wheels with tires, washer x 8, cotter pin x 4. Solid tires without inner tubes – wheel diameter 10″, rim diameter 7-2/3″, axle bore diameter 5/8″, tire width 3-1/10″, hub length 2-1/5″.
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    • 【Application】These mulching blades are shaped to keep the grass under deck for longer allowing it to be cut into smaller pieces, which provides natural mulch for your lawn since smaller clippings will decompose quicker, perfect for bagging, discharging, or mulching grass clippings.
    • 【Replace Part Numbers】134149, 532134149, 777134149, 917777134149, 422719, 532422719, 917532422719, 424752, 532424752, 917532424752, 24676, 91724676, 594892701, 582920301, 531005085, 531307223, 539110460, 954636867, 917539110460. Please check with your original part number before ordering.
    • 【Compatible Models】Lawn mower blades are ideal for ① Craftsman: LT1000, LT2000, YT3000, YT4000, YS4500, etc. ② Hu sqvarna: LT125, LTH130, YTH1842, YTH20F42T, YTH2042, etc. ③ Poulan Pro: PB19H42YT, PB195H42LT, PB145G42, PB15542LT, PD17542LT, etc. ④ Statesman, Ryobi, Weed Eater, Murray, Jonsered, A riens Arians 42″ deck ride on mowers. For more models, please check the description.
    • 【Easy to Install】The mulcher blades with 5 point star center holes are installed with the curved ends facing the mower deck to make the better flow of the cuttings.
    • 【Package Includes】2 lawnmower blades (already sharpened). Length: 21″, width: 2-1/4″, thickness: 0.134″, center hole point-to-point distance: 1″. Made of heavy-duty metal.
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    • 【Application】These lawn mower blades, 3-in-1 blades featuring bagging, discharging and mulching functions, are contoured to swirl grass clippings inside the mower deck, while the blade’s long cutting edges and curved surfaces recut the clippings into smaller pieces.
    • 【Compatibility】For ① Troy-Bilt TB130, TB230, TB200, Tru-Cut 100 ② Craftsman 247 series ③ MTD 410, RM105, 11A series, 12A-series ④ Cub Cad et SC700E, CC439, S621, 5521 ⑤ Yard Machines 116-410A000 ⑥ Yard Man 12AV829C755. For more models, please check the product description.
    • 【Replacement Part Number】942-0741, 942-0741A, 742-0741, 742-0741A, 742-04100, 942-04276, 942-04276S, 742-04276, 742-04276S, CMXGZAM100067, CC-742-3022, CC-742-0741, 490-100-C089, 490-100-M084.
    • 【Package Includes】21″ mower blade x 2. Come with a bow-tie center hole. Sharpened already.
    • 【Product Dimensions】Length 21″, width 2-1/4″, thickness 1/8″, outside holes diameter 5/16″, center to center (outside holes) 2-1/2″. In case of manual measurement errors, please refer to the physical products.
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  • About this item

    • 【Compatible】Universal wheels compatible with (1)Craftsman 21” gas mower, Sears 22” lawnmower, Troy Bilt 452 push mower (2)Radio Flyer and Ryder wagon, hand truck utility cart (3)Weber, Charcoal, Char-Griller BBQ grill. Please see the description part for more specific compatible and model number.
    • 【OEM Replacement Part】Plastic wheels tires replace for: (1)Oregon 72-108 (2)AYP – 103670X, 107644X, 146248, 532146248 (3)Craftsman – 33958, 336545, 194348X427, 193909X460 (4)MTD – 734-04585, 734-1780 and etc. Please confirm your model number before buying.
    • 【Package Includes】 Two wheels – diameter: 8”, width: 1-3/4”, bore: 1/2”, hub offset: 1-1/2”, hub length: 1-3/8″, weight: 1-3/5 lb.
    • 【Thoughtful Design】Diamond tread in black rubber enables to reduce noise and improve grip.
    • 【Easy to Install】With only one common wrench needed. Also, applying a little grease to the shaft is recommended.
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  • About this item

    • 【Perfect Fit】These 7″ universal wheels is widely used for most brands’ self-propelled walk-behind mowers or push lawnmower tractors. For more equipment, please check the product description.
    • 【Universal Wheels】These rubber tires can also be used for barbeque grill, Radio Flyer wagon, hand truck, hand cart, shopping cart, edger, Harbor Freight air compressor, Toro snowblower, other lawn and garden equipment, etc.
    • 【Replacement Part Number】Oregon 72-107, 9611.
    • 【Durable Design】The wheel is of heavy duty, composed of hard plastic hub and diamond tread rubber tire.
    • 【Dimensions & Package】Wheels x 2. Wheel size 7 x 1-1/2”, hub length 1-3/8”, bore size 1/2”. In case of manual measurement error, please refer to the physical product.
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  • About this item

    • 【Compatible】Front drive wheels compatible with ①Hon da Black Max lawn mowers ②Craftman 22” walk behind mower: 917376733, 917376162, 917376161, 917376152, 917376151, 917375830, 917376094 ③Hus qvarna lawnmower: 5521 CHV, 6522 SH, 6522 SL, 67522 ES, etc. Please see the description part for more specific compatible and model number.
    • 【OEM Replacement Part】Replacement for 581009202, 193912X460, 532400543, 581009203. Please check the size and part number before you order.
    • 【Thoughtful Design】Widthwise staggered rubber tread enables to reduce noise and improve power. Metal sleeve and 5 spoke hub help to reduce the likelihood of cracking and shape change.
    • 【Easy to Install】With only one common wrench needed. Also, cleaning and greasing the axle and bolt will do the trick before installation.
    • 【Package Includes】Two grey wheels with 53 gear teeth, diameter 8″, width 1-3/4″, tires thickness 4/5”, bore 1/2 “.
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