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942-0741A Mower Blade for Cub-Cadet MTD Troy Bilt 21 Deck Mover, 2 Pack Mulching Blades for Troy Bilt TB130 TB230 410 Craftsman 247 Series Push Mower, SC700E Self Propelled, Replaces for 742-04100


  • 【Application】These lawn mower blades, 3-in-1 blades featuring bagging, discharging and mulching functions, are contoured to swirl grass clippings inside the mower deck, while the blade’s long cutting edges and curved surfaces recut the clippings into smaller pieces.
  • 【Compatibility】For ① Troy-Bilt TB130, TB230, TB200, Tru-Cut 100 ② Craftsman 247 series ③ MTD 410, RM105, 11A series, 12A-series ④ Cub Cad et SC700E, CC439, S621, 5521 ⑤ Yard Machines 116-410A000 ⑥ Yard Man 12AV829C755. For more models, please check the product description.
  • 【Replacement Part Number】942-0741, 942-0741A, 742-0741, 742-0741A, 742-04100, 942-04276, 942-04276S, 742-04276, 742-04276S, CMXGZAM100067, CC-742-3022, CC-742-0741, 490-100-C089, 490-100-M084.
  • 【Package Includes】21″ mower blade x 2. Come with a bow-tie center hole. Sharpened already.
  • 【Product Dimensions】Length 21″, width 2-1/4″, thickness 1/8″, outside holes diameter 5/16″, center to center (outside holes) 2-1/2″. In case of manual measurement errors, please refer to the physical products.

Product information

Product Description

942-0741A Mower Blade

942-0741A Mower Blade

942-0741A Mower Blade Compatible with Troy Bilt/MTD/Craftsman Mover – 21 Inch

Replaces Part Numbers:

  • 942-0741, 942-0741A, 742-0741, 742-0741A, 742-04100, 942-04276, 942-04276S, 742-04276, 742-04276S, CMXGZAM100067, CC-742-3022, CC-742-0741, 490-100-C089, 490-100-M084.


  • Length: 21″
  • Width: 2-1/4″
  • Thickness: 1/8″
  • Outer Holes Diameter: 5/16″
  • Outside Holes Distance: 2-1/2″

Center Hole:

  • Bow Tie Center Hole

942-0741A Mower Blade

942-0741A Mower Blade

942-0741A Mower Blade

Bow Tie Center Hole

  • Please make sure your spindle hubs are bow tie center hole in case of wrong purchase.

Made of Heavy-Duty Metal

  • These cutting blades have pre-sharpened cutting edges that have been painted over. The paint is to protect the installer from injury during installation, and it will come off quickly during initial operation.

Please Check Your Part Number

  • On the basis of manufacturer specifications or breaks in the serial number, the same model occasionally requires various parts. The above model and part numbers are for reference only.
  • Please check your original part number to see if these parts will fit your model before purchase.

942-0741A Mower Blade

21 inch 3-in-1 Mulching Blade compatible with: (including but not limited to)

(Because of the word limit, some models are not listed here. If you don’t know whether your mower will fit on, please ask us for help.)

For Troy-Bilt

  • TB449E, Tru-Cut 110, Tru-Cut 100, Tuff-Cut 200, Tuff-Cut 210, Tuff-Cut 220, Tuff-Cut 230, Pro-Cut 300, Pro-Cut 310, Pro-Cut 320, TB105, TB110, TB115, TB120, TB125, TB130, TB130 XP, TB140, TB160, TB160 XP, TB200, TB210, TB220, TB230, TB240, TB270ES, TB270XP, TB280ES, TB290ES, TB320, TB330, TB360, TB360ES, TB370, TB370 XP, TB380XP, TB380ES, TB400XP, TB430XP, TB450XP, TB490XP, 11A-436M066, 11A-436N063, 11A-436N211, 11A-436N266, 11A-436T063, 11A-439R766, 11A-542Q766, 11A-426C266, 11A-429R766, 11A-436A711, 11A-546A766, 11A-546N711, 11A-436A766, 11A-549C766, 11A-436M011, 11A-549Q766, 12A-446A011, 12A-446A066, 12A-446A711, 12A-446C266, 12A-449R766, 12A-998Q063, 12A-466A711, 12A-998Q766, 12A-466A766, 12A-466M066, 12A-466N063, 12A-466N211, 12AD566N711, 12AD566N766, 12A-466N266, 12A-469R766, 12AE449A266, 12A-562Q711, 12A-566N711, 12A-566N766, 12AE449E266, 12AF569O711.

For Craftsman

  • 12A-469Q799, most of 247 series.


  • 410, RM105, RM110, RM120, RM210, RM220, SKU3728604, 11A-413A800, 11A-414G200, 11A-544B004, 11A-809D088, 12AV839Q795, 11A-549W300, 11A-418A300, 11A-542Q, 11A-435E300, 12A-989Q795, 11A-41MB006, 11A-54M9006, 11A-54MC006, 11A-439W722, 11A-439R004, 11A-544K204, 12A-469W722, 12A-469S204, 12AV569R004, 12AV569S204, 116-410A084, 116-412A129, 116-413A304, 116-414A302, 116-418C129, 116-424C372, 116-428C141, 115-410A000, 115-412A129, 115-414A302, 115-418C129, 115-425A000, 115-426F372, 115-428C000, 115-808C000, 115-410A084, 115-410A147, 115-410A372, 115-412A134, 115-418C134, 115-428C023, 115-428C141, 125-148C000, 124-848C000, 115-411A033, 116-411A033 (73776), 116-424A033 (7014327), 116-424A733 (7014327), 11A-425G033, 11B-413A033, 11A-418C033, 11A-549P118, 12A-568Q118, 12A-458C033, 12A-469B033, 12A-379B033, 12A-378N033, 12A-378N733.

For Cub-Cadet

  • CC439, CC469, CC949, CC989, CC997ES, CC46ES, CC46M, CC46MZ, CC94M, CC98H, CC98M, PR521, SC100, SC100H, SC100HW, SC300, SC300E, SC300HW, SC500, SC500E+, SC500EZ, SC500EZ+, SC500HW, SC500Z, SC700, SC700E, SC700H, S621, SRC621, SR621, SR621SS, SRC621, SRE621, SRS621, PR521, 5521

For Yard Machines

  • 116-410A000, 116-413A000, 116-428C000, 11A-A1S5700, 11A-B0BL700, 11A-B0BL729, 11A-B0S5700, 12A-A13J029, 12A-A13K229, 12A-A0M5700, 11A-A54E029, 11A-A54R229, 11A-A54R729, 11A-B04A000, 11A-B04R700, 11A-B13L029, 11A-B13M229, 11A-B23M700, 11A-A23K700, 11A-A56R729, 11A-A5BL729, 11A-B9BG729, 11A-A0JT700, 11B-B1BE729, 12A-979L062, 12A-979L352.

For Yard Man

  • 12AV829C755

For Bolens

  • 11A-A40J065, 11A-A40M265, 11A-A40M765, 11A-B04R265.

For Roybi

  • 11A-546P034, 11A-545D034, 11A-545D734, 12A-568Q034.

For White Outdoor

  • LC-436, LC-149, HW-615, HW-656, HW-456, W-56MC, LC-210, LC-215, LC-210SS, W-995, LC-215E, W-54K, W-54MB, W-54MC, W-83MC